Real Estate MythBusters

Real Estate MythBusters


Myth 1: “Discount” real estate agents can do an adequate job of selling your property.

Truth: Your property is too important to settle for someone simply doing an “adequate job”.  As my mother says, when one pays “peanuts”, one is likely to get “monkeys”. Do you want a “monkey” to sell one of your valuable assets?

Myth 2: You should select the real estate agent who says they can get you the highest price.

Truth: This is The Oldest Scam in real estate—tell the seller what seller wants to hear to get the listing, then drop the price soon after.

What you paid for your property, what you want for your property, what another real estate agent or valuer says your property is worth, does not affect the price that the market is prepared to pay.

Tracy and her team invest a lot of time researching to set a price that can be justified by all parties and we provide that data to you.